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Learn Classical Armenian! started in June, 2021 with daily Grabar (Classical Armenian) exercises. The exercises are designed to take about 5-10 minutes to work through, with most of the material sourced or modified from the 5th century Classical Armenian translation of the Bible (of which, you can find an invaluable Grabar-English concordance at Arak29). With the encouragement of Robert Bedrosian , the exercises have increasingly come to focus on "spoken" Grabar by emphasizing short, spoken-style phrases that help the reader think in Grabar and, hopefully, come to parse longer sentences later on.

To whet the appetite, here are some famous literary lines that I recently translated into 5th century style Classical Armenian

Additional resources:

*If you are looking for “official” material, the following resources may be helpful: i) The University of Texas has free Classical Armenian lessons here, ii) Robert Thomson has a textbook that you can access freely here, iii) The Armenite has compiled a selection of helpful materials that are freely available here, and iv) Robert Bedrosian has also compiled various materials, including Gems from the Bible, verses from the Classical Armenian translation of the Bible (selected for their aesthetic value and vocabulary) presented side-by-side with translations into almost any language of your choice. For those who are  interested in lessons with a teacher, the Armenian Institute offers online classes that you can learn more about here, and if you are an academic, you can also check out the Dumbarton Oaks/HMML Summer School Introduction to Classical Armenian here. There is also a monthly reading group, “Krapar & Kini”, organized by Jesse Arlen at the Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center (open to all) that focuses on Classical Armenian texts and excerpts of exceptional literary interest for a broad audience.

If you have any questions, I invite you to comment on the posts or reach out to me at any time, and if you find any of this material helpful, I would be incredibly grateful if you would help spread the word and share it with others.


1. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Եմ

2. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Եղ

3. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Լինել


4. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Սիրել 

5. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Տալ

6. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Դնել

7. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Արկանել

8. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Գալ

9. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Երթալ

10. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Գնալ

11. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Կեալ

12. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Ուտել

13. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Ունել

14. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Ասել

15. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Առնել

16. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Առնուլ

17. Grabar Verb Conjugations: Ճանաչել


1. Grabar Noun Declensions: Ա

2. Grabar Noun Declensions: Ի

3. Grabar Noun Declensions: Ո

4. Grabar Noun Declensions: ՈՒ


5. Grabar Noun Declensions: Օր

6. Grabar Noun Declensions: Ժամանակ

7. Grabar Noun Declensions: Ամ

8. Grabar Noun Declensions: Գիւղ

9. Grabar Noun Declensions: Այր

10. Grabar Noun Declensions: Կին

11. Grabar Noun Declensions: Հոգի

12. Grabar Noun Declensions: Դեւ

13. Grabar Noun Declensions: Ձեռն

14. Grabar Noun Declensions: Բան

15. Grabar Noun Declensions: Սիրտ


1. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Ես

2. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Դու

3. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Նա (սա, դա)

4. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Ոմն

5. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Ինքն

6. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Որ

7. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Ո

8. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Իմն, իք

9. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Միմեանց

10. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Ամենեքեան

11. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Ամենայն

12. Grabar Pronoun Declensions: Այլ


13. Grabar Adjective Pronoun Declensions: Այն (այդ, այս)

14. Grabar Adjective Pronoun Declensions: Նոյն (սոյն, դոյն)

15. Grabar Adjective Pronoun Declensions: Իմ

16. Grabar Adjective Pronoun Declensions: Մեր

17. Grabar Adjective Pronoun Declensions: Քո

18. Grabar Adjective Pronoun Declensions: Ձեր


1. Grabar Prepositions: Ընդ

2. Grabar Prepositions: Առ

3. Grabar Prepositions: Ըստ

4. Grabar Prepositions: Ի, յ

5. Grabar Prepositions: Ց

6. Grabar Prepositions: Չ

7. Grabar Prepositions: զ


1. Grabar Conjunctions: Եթէ

2. Grabar Conjunctions: Կամ

3. Grabar Conjunctions: Եւ

4. Grabar Conjunctions: Բայց

5. The Many Faces of "Եւ Կամ"

6. Grabar Conjunctions: Ապա

7. Grabar Conjunctions: Քան

8. Grabar Conjunctions: Թէ


1. Grabar Adverbs: Դեռ

2. Grabar Adverbs: Միշտ

3. Grabar Adverbs: Հազիւ

4. Grabar Adverbs: Գրեթէ

5. Grabar Adverbs: Երբեք

6. Grabar Adverbs: Արդեւք

7. Grabar Adverbs: Երբեմն

8. Grabar Adverbs: Պէսպէս

9. Grabar Adverbs: Միասին


Armenian Numerals


Classical Armenian Abbreviations

Հայոց լեզուն

The following exercises are based on the so-called "natural method" of language learning, the idea being that these require the reader to learn to think in Classical Armenian. These exercises assume only a knowledge of the Armenian script, and are suitable for learners of all levels.

1. Հայոց լեզուն. Աշխարհն հայոց

2. Հայոց լեզուն. Նշանագիրք եւ թիւք

3. Հայոց լեզուն. Հայերէն քերականութիւն

4. Հայոց լեզուն. Հայ ընտանիք

5. Հայոց լեզուն. Հեքիաթ Պետրոս Նապաստակի

6. Հայոց լեզուն. Առակք Մխիթար Գոշի

7. Հայոց լեզուն. Խրատք եւ իմաստութիւն Խիկարայ


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