A Brief Grammar of the Latin Language


First Declension:

1. First Declension: Rosa

Rosa: Practice

2. First Declension: Herba

Herba: Practice

3. First Declension: Hora

Hora: Practice

4. First Declension: Porta

Porta: Practice 

5. First Declension: Aqua

Aqua: Practice

6. First Declension: Stella

Stella: Practice

7. First Declension: Sapientia

Sapientia: Practice

Review: Latin Nouns First Declension: Practice


Second Declension:

1. Second Declension: Ager

Ager: Practice

2. Second Declension: Puer

Puer: Practice

3. Second Declension: Vir

Vir: Practice 

4. Second Declension: Dominus

Dominus: Practice

Review: Latin Nouns Second Declension: Practice


Third Declension:

1. Third Declension: Homo

Homo: Practice

2. Third Declension: Rex

Rex: Practice

3. Third Declension: Color

Color: Practice

4. Third Declension: Flos

Flos: Practice

5. Third Declension: Lapis

Lapis: Practice


Review: Latin Nouns Third Declension: Practice


Fourth Declension:

1. Fourth Declension: Fructus

Fructus: Practice

2. Fourth Declension: Manus

Manus: Practice

3. Fourth Declension: Cornu

Cornu: Practice


Review: Latin Nouns Fourth Declension: Practice


Fifth Declension: Dies

Dies: Practice



1. First and Second Declensions: Magnus

Magnus: Practice

2. Third Declension: Omnis

Omnis: Practice


Reading exercises (from Latin by the Natural Method by William Most, tagged with lemmata, grammar, and English glosses):

1. Lectio Prima
2. Lectio Secunda
3. Lectio Tertia
4. Lectio Quarta
5. Lectio Quinta
6. Lectio Sexta
7. Lectio Septima

et cetera

Canis Natans (from Phaedrus' Romanized Aesop)

Listening exercises (from Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata by Hans Ørberg):

1. Capitulum Primum
2. Capitulum Secundum
3. Capitulum Tertium
4. Capitulum Quartum
5. Capitulum Quintum
6. Capitulum Sextum
7. Capitulum Septimum

et cetera


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