A Brief Grammar of the Latin Language


First Declension:

1. First Declension: Rosa

Rosa: Practice

2. First Declension: Herba

Herba: Practice

3. First Declension: Hora

Hora: Practice

4. First Declension: Porta

Porta: Practice 

5. First Declension: Aqua

Aqua: Practice

6. First Declension: Stella

Stella: Practice

7. First Declension: Sapientia

Sapientia: Practice

Review: Latin Nouns First Declension: Practice


Second Declension:

1. Second Declension: Ager

Ager: Practice

2. Second Declension: Puer

Puer: Practice

3. Second Declension: Vir

Vir: Practice 

4. Second Declension: Dominus

Dominus: Practice

Review: Latin Nouns Second Declension: Practice


Third Declension:

1. Third Declension: Homo

Homo: Practice

2. Third Declension: Rex

Rex: Practice

3. Third Declension: Color

Color: Practice

4. Third Declension: Flos

Flos: Practice

5. Third Declension: Lapis

Lapis: Practice


Review: Latin Nouns Third Declension: Practice


Fourth Declension:

1. Fourth Declension: Fructus

Fructus: Practice

2. Fourth Declension: Manus

Manus: Practice

3. Fourth Declension: Cornu

Cornu: Practice


Review: Latin Nouns Fourth Declension: Practice


Fifth Declension: Dies

Dies: Practice






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