The Tale of Peter Rabbit

I am thrilled to announce that my Western and Eastern Armenian translation of The Tale of Peter Rabbit is out today.

    Those who know me know that my focus in the last 5 years has been on translating the Armenian classics into English, in hopes of invigorating our rich literary tradition and making the Armenian classics available to many more readers than otherwise possible. It has been a calling for me, and one that I am honored to answer, though I have also been troubled by the realization that future generations are becoming less able to read our stories as they were written—in the Armenian language. While good English translations of Armenian literature help keep our culture and history alive, they can also serve to further endanger our language. 

    And so this project of translating Peter Rabbit into two dialects of modern Armenian was done for the minority of the minority of students and enthusiasts of the Armenian language who insist on reading in a language that has long ceased to yield any material benefit in our material world, not only to provide new material with which to impart our language, but also in hopes of imparting readers with the joy of reading in Armenian.


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