On How Shushi Got Its Name

In his translation of Platon Zubov’s 1834 novel, The Astrologer of KarabakhՂարաբաղի Աստղագէտը»), Raffi has the following footnote:

Shusha signifies “glass” in [Azeri] Turkish. It is the author’s belief that the hypothesis that Shushi fortress took its name from “shusha” is incorrect. It is evident from its history, that when Melik-Shahnazar II and Panah Khan constructed Shushi fortress, they displaced the residents of a nearby Armenian village. That village has survived to the present day [1882] and is called Shoshi, or Shosh. And since the original inhabitants of the fortress were the villagers of Shosh, the fortress was named Shosh or Shoshi after their former residence. For more, see our book The Melikdoms of Karabagh [English translation linked].

There is also an excellent English translation of The Astrologer of Karabakh by Artashes Emin.


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