History of the 2020 Artsakh War

Martin Adamian writes:

“NP [Nikol Pashinyan] will either (rightly) be remembered as an elected disaster that the Armenian people brought on itself or (wrongly) remembered as a misunderstood hero who tried his best and was hated for it in his lifetime but was really on the side of the people and a secret political genius.”

It is not easy to say just how Nikol Pashinyan will be remembered, in part because of new narratives that will arise from events that have yet to transpire. But one thing is clear: We need a discerning, intelligent, and most importantly, independent, observer to work on a history of the 2020 Artsakh War, in the Armenian language—not for our sakes, but for the sake of our descendants.

If we have any idea about Armenian history today, it is largely because of our historians (e.g., Yeghhise, Ghazar, Pavstos) who left us records, however limited. Likewise, it will only be because of today’s historical writers that future generations will have any idea about these most significant recent events. Even if future generations do not, on the whole, study this history and heed its lessons (as we today do not study the histories of our ancestors and heed their lessons), there will be some people who do. And it is sufficient for them to infect the others to some degree through osmosis. For example, very few Armenians have actually read Ghazar's and Yeghishe's Histories, but imagine how different the consciousness of Armenians would be today if they had not been written.


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